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About Tom Calenberg

"You have been setting a standard in your creative work with a

language unique to the common practice of art. You live and crave the colors and earthly presence that surrounds you.

I'm glad I have some of your work on our walls to ponder on"

                                                                       Mike Bathum



I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where I received a 

Bachelor of Fine arts degree from The University of Wisconsin.

After pursuing my career in several states, I made Western Colorado my home in 2009. During my career, I have owned and operated a studio and gallery in Wilmington, North Carolina and Bellingham, Washington. In each locality I have worked, I have held workshops for adult art education and been active in community efforts for the arts.

Materials drive my creative energy. Working in mixed media

empowers me to investigate and combine a nearly unlimited

array of materials. From painting to photography, metal to paper, wood to found object, I conjure up an alchemy to create a personal iconography. The aim in all my work is to celebrate the creative process that gives my soul its voice.

Thank you for viewing my work.

You can contact me at

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